Festival Beach Workday Saturday, February 13, 2016, 9 to noon

Hi Festival Beach Gardeners

Come out to our monthly workday scheduled for Saturday February 13thfrom 9 am to noon.  We’re having a team focused workday in which each group will tackle tasks in their area (ex. the rain garden/ swale team will work in that area, learn what work needs to be done on a regular basis, what the plans are for the year, etc.).  I’ve listed the team descriptions below; you probably signed up for one or more teams when you turned in your contract.  It should be a fun day to learn more about the stewardship team you’re on and get some work done to beautify the garden!

We’d like to have coffee, snacks, and raffle prizes available so if you know of any businesses in the area that would be willing to donate anything, then please let me know.

Thanks and hope to see y’all next Saturday at 9 am!


Festival Beach Community Garden Stewardship Teams

Accessibility – this team works to enhance the gardening and access conditions for the entire

garden, but especially for elderly gardeners and gardeners with physical disabilities, to

provide education and raise awareness about accessibility issues, and to recruit volunteers

to assist gardeners with special needs.

Communal Gardens – this team works to maintain designated communal garden areas and to

provide fresh produce to low-income/food-insecure populations, such as residents of the

adjacent Rebekah Baines Johnson Center. Tasks include planting, fertilizing, mulching,

cultivating, weeding, watering, harvesting, and delivering produce.

Compost – this team works to collect and process compostable materials from the garden site

and elsewhere, to provide compost resources for gardeners and the community, and to

provide education on composting and sustainability.

Grapes and Berries – this team works to maintain the grapes and berries growing along the

perimeter fence of the garden, and to provide education on maintenance and culture of

grapes and berries vines. Tasks include mulching, weeding, watering, pruning, planting,

and harvesting.

Habitat Areas – this team works to develop, enhance, and maintain designated habitat areas in

the garden to provide habitat for beneficial wildlife (including birds, butterflies, frogs,

toads, and other creatures), and to provide education on habitat preservation,

development, and maintenance.

Herb and Teaching Garden – this team works to plant, mulch, cultivate, weed, water, and

harvest designated herb garden areas, and to provide education and teaching opportunities

to gardeners and to members of the community interested in gardening, in particular

young people.

Orchard – this team works to maintain more than ten types of fruit trees in designated orchard

areas, to provide fruit to be shared with low-income/food-insecure populations, and to

provide education on planting, pruning, disease prevention, and maintenance of fruit

trees. Tasks include planting, pruning, fertilizing spraying, mulching, weeding, watering

and mowing.

Perennial Beds – this team works to plant, cultivate, weed, water, and maintain perennial

flower garden areas, and to provide education on perennial plant and flower cultivation

and maintenance.

Rain Garden and Swales – this team works to create and maintain designated water

catchment and infiltration areas in the garden, to cultivate habitat for butterflies and

hummingbirds, and to provide education on water run-off, infiltration, groundwater,

water quality, and habitat. Tasks include earth shaping, planting, weeding, mowing, and