Monthly Meetings

Every month, our Steering Council meets to discuss ways to improve garden maintenance, management and community involvement. We encourage all members to attend and share their voice.

Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of every month. Doors open at 6:00 PM, meeting starts at 6:30 and ends at 7:45 PM. Virtual participation available by emailing


Terrazas Branch Public Library
1105 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78702

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Section 8 of our bylaws: Duties of Steering Council Members

  1. Steering Council Facilitator shall be responsible for scheduling and creating an agenda for monthly Steering Council meetings, as well as arranging for facilitation of the meetings. Either the Steering Council Facilitator or the Treasurer shall serve as the APF Garden Liaison.
  2. Treasurer shall be responsible for maintaining the membership list and the all-members email list, collecting annual contracts, maintaining a data base of plot assignments, collecting plot fees and payments in lieu of work hours, notifying gardeners about non-payments, receiving money from fund raising projects, keeping financial records, preparing monthly financial statements and preparing an annual budget. The Treasurer or Steering Council Facilitator shall serve as the APF Garden Liaison.
  3. Secretary shall take minutes of meetings and make them available to Steering Council members. Minutes from previous meeting will be submitted for approval at the following meeting.
  4. Site Manager shall coordinate all aspects of caring for and maintaining the physical site and shall notify PARD about needs and problems related to the site.
  5. Outreach/Educational Liaison shall recruit new gardeners, coordinate outreach in the community, recruit volunteers, coordinate classes/education series with the library, arrange for non-English interpreters as needed, and provide regular communication to garden members.
  6. Communications/Technology Liaison shall maintain the garden website/calendar, email list/Google, manage social media, and maintain an accurate garden map.
  7. Membership/Orientation Liaison shall maintain the garden waiting list, schedule orientations for rental of plots, assign garden plots, arrange payment plans or scholarships as needed, assist in obtaining signed yearly contracts, monitor abandoned plots in conjunctions with Site Manager and arrange for transfer of abandoned plots as needed, monitor the data base of plot assignments, maintain current map of plot assignments and coordinate with the work hours team.
  8. Fundraising/Grants Liaison shall oversee fund raising events and seek out and apply for relevant grants.
  9. 9, 10, and 11 Stewardship Team Liaisons (3 positions) shall divide responsibility for communication with garden teams. Shall communicate with team leaders for input prior to meetings of the Steering Council and report actions of the Steering Council back to team leaders.