Education: SFC Class – Canning Tomatoes, Saturday June 20, 2015

Yes, We Can: Tomatoes

June 20, 2015

11:00 AM – 1:00 PM (class) or 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM (community gardener processing)

Tomatoes are always the star of summer produce. Join us in this hands-on class to learn how to can them so you can enjoy them throughout the year.

We’ll cover canning safety and how to can tomatoes three ways: whole, crushed, and roasted. Class participants will take home a jar of canned tomatoes (included in the class price). Community Gardeners are invited to stay until 3:00 to process their tomato harvests (bring your own tomatoes, jars & lids).

The entire class will be active, so please eat beforehand and dress appropriately for the kitchen (closed-toe shoes, comfortable clothes, hair tie for long hair, etc.).

Must pre-register; cannot pay at door.

Classes are for adults; teenagers may participate with a parent or guardian present.

Price: $40

Community Gardener Processing Price: $14