Reminder: Water Conservation at Festival Beach Community Garden

Greetings Festival Beach gardeners!

 Today we received our water bill information for the three months from mid-January through mid-April.  Clearly the good rains this year have been helpful so far, and our water usage has been well below average.  We have now completed the first six months of our “water year” for SFC billing purposes, and if we can all work hard to use wisely (and not waste) water this summer, we stand a reasonable chance of not owing extra funds to SFC at the end of the year.

Please remember watering rule Number 1: you must be present and attending when your water spigot is on!  And make sure the spigot is off when you leave your plot.

 Other critically important water-saving practices include mulching, weeding, and learning good watering practices, such as occasional deep watering is far more water-efficient and beneficial to plants than frequent shallow watering.

 Also, if you are watering anything in a common area, please make sure that you are following a known schedule in consultation with your stewardship team.

 Enjoy the great weather and happy gardening!


Will Dibrell

FBCG Treasurer