In the Community: SFC’s Spread the Harvest – Giveaway Day Tuesday March 24, 2015

Hi gardeners!

I’d like to encourage you to sign up for SFC’s free resource program, Spread the Harvest, if you haven’t already. Spread the Harvest provides free seeds year-round (available at our office for pick-up), and 2 resource giveaway days per year with plants and compost. Any individual, school, or community gardener may apply to enroll in the program. We do ask that you fill out a quarterly survey by email or phone to stay in the program.

The next resource giveaway day is Tuesday, March 24, with 2 sessions at 1:30-4pm, and 4:30-7pm at New Day Baha’i Community Garden (2215 E.M. Franklin). You must already be enrolled in the program to pick up resources. The deadline to enroll before the giveaway is MARCH 15.

 I have attached small & large group garden applications (schools = large group) which you can fill out and email to Katie Pace at / 512.220.1083 who oversees Spread the Harvest and will process your application and answer any questions. If you are already enrolled, you should have received an email from Katie about the resource giveaway day. Please email her directly if you didn’t.

We hope to see you at the resource giveaway day Tuesday, March 24. Happy rainy spring gardening!



P.S. If you have further questions, please email me directly at instead of replying to the listserv. =)