University of Texas Student’s East Side Work Day February 22, 2014-We Need FBCG Gardeners!


Gardeners, on Saturday, February 22 we will have University of Texas students working in the East Austin area, helping to improve our community. Festival Beach has been approved for some of these improvements:
1. Build a new storage shed to store our rider mower and push mowers.
2. Build our rain garden.
3. Plant some new fruit trees in our Orchard.
4. Clean and plant new herbs in the Herb garden.
5. Build new accessible beds, and improve accessible paths in granite this includes the main entry path.
We need all teams to participate on this day. There will be two shifts. First shift will be from 10am to 1pm. The second shift from 2pm to 5pm. We will need at least two people per shift from each team to supervise, guide and help the students work.
If there are teams that have any other tasks (not listed above) that need to be done, this is the time to let me know. We expect to have about 160 students that day. We will have plenty of help to accomplish additional items that have not gotten done. Please let me know asap, so that we can try to best assign students to those tasks.
Please note, all pathways must be clear so it does not slow the work down. Anything in the way will be removed. No pots, planters, plants,wood,tools, extra gardening materials, etc. can be left in a pathway. The pathways should be cleared at all times. All items that are yours should stay in your gardening plot, please.
Anyone that has not done their work hours, this would be a good time to do them, beside we would appreciate your needed help that day.
Please feel free to ask any questions about the February 22 workday. Could you let me know via email if you will be able to attend, so I can see if we have enough gardening leaders for this event. Try to come help even if it’s just an hour or two; anything helps.
Thank you,
Julio C.Perez