Event: Monthly Workday-Saturday, February 8, 2014-A Great Success!

FBCG Workday 1 2/8/14

FBCG Workday 2 2/8/14

FBCG Workday 3 2/8/14

FBCG Workday 4 2/8/14

FBCG Workday 5 2/8/14

FBCG Workday 6 2/8/14

The workdays are a great way to help maintain the common areas, learn new things, meet your work hours requirement, and get to know fellow gardeners.
There are many projects to work on including:
• Moving a pile of bamboo and logs so a bobcat can enter
• With the use of a bobcat, prepping for development of a rain garden
• Weeding and mulching swale, especially newly planted items
• Transplanting some larkspur along the inside banks of the swale
• Harvesting compost
• Planting the perennial area under the peach tree
• Mulching and pruning perennial beds along the main path
• Composting asparagus beds near section A and mulching perimeter
• Mulching other wildlife habitat areas and weeding perimeters
• Transplanting native grasses

Workday Coordinator