The Press: Garden Featured In Statesman Article 2011

Our garden was photographed this morning for an article in the Austin American-Statesman.

Metis Policano, left, and Harriet Cassell harvest edible flowers at the Festival Beach Community Garden. (Photo credit: Alberto Martínez/AMERICAN-STATESMAN)

“City Council is considering new rules, outlined at Thursday’s council meeting, that would make it easier for groups of gardeners to start new community gardens and would reduce the water rates and wastewater fees that some established gardens currently pay. And to facilitate community gardens, the city is looking at hiring a conservation program coordinator, with a salary of $81,753 .

The effort is part of a wider city goal to promote access to locally sourced food.”

Read the full article on City may cut water fees for community gardens

Update: City Council passed all three ordinances in support of community gardens and urban agriculture! Our garden was featured in this news story on Austin’s YNN. Watch it here: Urban gardens may get a chance to blossom

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