Volunteering: Festival Beach Community Garden

Volunteer at Festival Beach Community Garden, Waller & Clermont Streets, near Festival Beach

Please come join us in developing our new community vegetable garden at the next volunteer WORKDAYS:

Saturday morning, September 11, 9:00-12:00 AND Saturday morning, October 9 , 9:00-12:00

We need your help and participation with workday tasks: moving and spreading mulch, mowing open spaces, weeding our communal vegetable garden, and developing our composting system.

We have the tools – we need your participation (bring your own work gloves).

*** If you have bags of CLEAN leaves we can use for our composting (free of garbage or animal waste), please contact us to make arrangements for a pick-up or drop-off date and time (see contact below).

With sponsorship from the City Parks and Recreation Department and the Sustainable Food Center, we have been hard at work since April building individual and communal vegetable gardens and raised accessible garden plots, designing a composting area and pathways, and mulching to prepare for more planting. We now have temporary fencing while we build our own permanent fence, piece by piece.

There are already over 80 dedicated gardeners and many other volunteers who have come together to build community in the garden with the goal of improving the food security, health, and happiness of the residents of our East Cesar Chavez and Holly neighborhoods. Individual plots are 10‟x20‟ and rent for $30/year with some scholarship plots available. We also have some “raised beds” for those who need them.

In addition to providing our gardeners and their families with a reliable source of fresh, nutritious and affordable food, the garden has become a site of cooperation, collaboration, celebration, and developing friendships between diverse neighbors. We want to transform the garden into a vibrant and beautiful space that can serve as a habitat for diversity in addition to providing food ourselves and for regular donations of produce to nearby food pantries.

We hope that Festival Beach Community Garden will serve as a warm and welcoming gathering space for residents of the East Cesar Chavez and Holly neighborhoods and we invite you to join us.

For more information, please contact Kaela Champlin (512) 567-0740 or email
festivalbeachgarden@gmail.com or http://www.festivalbeachgarden.org

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