Education: How To: Garden Organically

As the Festival Beach Community Garden inches toward planting many of us are looking for ways to get educated about organic gardening. We’ll be having educational opportunities at the garden (dates TBD), but until then check out Garden-Ville University. They offer a range of free online classes. It doesn’t come close to digging in the dirt, but you are already spending time on the computer. So stop reading this and go learn about organic gardening πŸ™‚

Our Community: Scoop the Poop

Keep East Austin clean and healthy. Scoop the Poop

Pet waste is more than smelly and unsightly, it pollutes our water! Pet waste left outdoors is flushed into the nearest waterway when it rains. This waste contains disease-causing bacteria and viruses that are harmful to pets and humans, particularly children.

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Our History: Festival Beach Fence Design 2009

Thanks to everyone who contributed their brilliant ideas for our fence design, especially Jessica Braun, Alex Gilliam, Amy Starling Rampy and Emma Brandt. Have a look here…

In reviewing the designs, several ideas emerged as important:

– there should be some visual continuity in the fence design, for example, wood and mesh panels that repeat at intervals along the perimeter.

– for the more decorative areas, we liked the idea of a framework that people could work with to create different patterns (see “warp”)

– we’d like to incorporate some educational elements — murals, other signage — on the exterior in addition to (and as part of) the community vegetables and native and habitat plantings already discussed.

PARD and the City are reviewing our application for a general site permit, and we hope to be able to start construction in December. In the meantime, we’ll focus on getting our design clear, identifying materials and sources and recruiting volunteers. More updates to follow… stay tuned!

Click on the images and links to view ideas and sketches:
Festival Beach Fence Details

Rampy Mizner sketches


Public Workshop
Public Workshop1
Public Workshop2
Public Workshop3